ALMOST, MAINE was named Top Ten in New York Theater-2014 by The Advocate.

The Huffington Post, The Advocate, and The Washington Post recently ran stories about the controversial cancelation of the Maiden (NC) High School production of ALMOST, MAINE.

ALMOST, MAINE recently played in London at the Park Theatre. Produced by a young up-and-coming company, Go People, the production was praised by critics:

The Daily Mail said, “Delightful. [Provides] plenty of heartwarming charm.”

British Theatre Guide said, “Charming without being saccharine or sentimental. Touches of wistful sadness and gentle humour…flower into hilarity. An enjoyable Christmas bonbon for London audiences.”

The Guardian said, “Romantic whimsy meets magic realism. Imagine ‘Love Actually’ crossed with ‘Our Town.’” said “Love is all around but it’s far from syrupy in John Cariani’s cult assemblage of a score of characters splintered by passion.”

Download a PDF of ALMOST, MAINE review quotes from media outlets all over the world.

Upcoming Productions

ALMOST, MAINE is almost everywhere. Seriously. It has been produced by over 70 professional theater companies and by over 2500 non-professional theater organizations across the United States and around the world.

Upcoming International Productions:

Negotiations are underway for productions in Ecuador, Finland, Belgium, Romania, and India. Details will be revealed when they are available.

And…hundreds of community theater, high school, and university productions all over the country and around the world. To see if ALMOST, MAINE is playing near you, please visit Dramatists’ Play Service website and search for ALMOST, MAINE in the Page to Stage listing.